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  • Published September 29, 2020
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Rough Draft

Puzzle of Life

People say seeing is believable, but sometimes what you don’t see is actually there. You just have to think of a way to find and see it for yourself. Knowledge within self is the best knowledge, but you can also learn from others to gain knowledge. You may not believe the knowledge someone gives you so you try to experience it for yourself.

When we are created and brought into life, we are born curious and look at life as a journey so we adventure to discover new things because everything we see is new to us. So we think to ourselves, “What would happen if I do this?” When growing from an infant to an adult, we experience and learn new things that we can’t even imagine. Some people experience different things in life, but see it differently than others because we all have our own views and opinions. Someone else’s experience may not be the same as others, but they do have differences and similarities. Also when growing up, we make choices that are positive and negative which can have good or bad reactions. These reactions consist of causes and effects which can come with consequences that u have to deal with. It’s on you if you want to accept the positive and negative reactions that you receive. They say we have to crawl before we walk, or start from the bottom and make our way to the top. Every step of the way is a challenge to reach a goal. Every goal comes with a problem to solve. You may have the answers, but not all is true. You just have to experience things to find out for yourself.

I think life is a mystery that we will all soon find the real answer to. We don’t have all the answers, but what we feel is real; we think that what it is or what we’re doing is rite. Life is a puzzle with a picture and every picture tells a story; and every story has a message and a meaning to it. Life is a puzzle, but without all the pieces the story cannot be fully told. Each puzzle piece has its own story to it; and when all the pieces are put together, you get the true meaning and message that it is trying to give. Everyone in life has a piece to the puzzle which is known as knowledge that we learn from different experiences that we go through. When we learn something, we share with others to see if they believe what you believe is true. It is good to pass down knowledge to others because you don’t want them to go through what you have already been through or already been done by someone else by making mistakes while experiencing it. They rather you do it the same or find ways to do it better, and not make the same mistakes that they did or seen. Since we all have our own views and opinions, everyone has a piece to the puzzle of life; but we all really can’t figure out what life is really about or why we are here. We are all here to find the answers.

Since life goes on, we learn new things everyday. Since we all have a piece to the puzzle, then why can’t we all come together as a whole and work as a team. One person can’t know or do everything. We all have minds of our own, but if we put our minds together as one then we can do anything that is possible. Like they say, two heads are better than one as well as one head is better than none. The world needs to come together as one and think outside the box. Even though there a lot of religions that represent their own beliefs and have faith in what they believe are true, who is actually right? We really can’t say whose right or wrong, so I look at all of it as puzzle pieces of life; no matter what we believe. I think we have a lot more to learn. Everyone has their own way of living and communicating with god; but what if we’re all confused? I think the only person that knows the answers is God himself.

We all want to have faith in what we believe in because we comfort our beliefs when we are use to what we are taught and learn from what we experience. But times have changed and some things don't ever change. But when u only have one side to a story; you never have full truth without the person who actually wrote it. Word play can be very tricky and confuse u at times and give u visions that make u wonder "what if". The story that is being visualized to prove a point, sometimes you never can know how true the belief is because there could be more than one answer to a persons vision on why they thought that way. Sometimes even the writer may not understand but the message is there for u to view. Just don't take it the wrong way. Its many ways to come to an understanding of ones reason as well as, there are many answers to one question to find possible solutions to solve a problem. Don't be so quick to jump to conclusions until you think ahead first before you react to a misunderstanding. Try not to add unnecessary problems that can escalate to more problems that can become more of a problem before you have solved your first problem in the first place. You’re taking to much time out of your life to come to a better conclusion to find the solution to solve the problem that you are facing. Our journeys may have different turns to lead towards the right answer but there all leading towards the right direction through different paths. Some long some short. Just don't get lost and confused or you'll believe anything. At least try not to just sit around and believe nothing. We are all in the mix, but when will we blend together and create what we are made of without the bus(bullshit). Too much of anything is bad for you. Don't cram your mind with BS without gaining some type of truth that can set u free. Lies can sooner or later get you to where you wouldn't want to be. Free of the mind body and soul.

In the past there wasn't as many smart people back then as we do now. So many lies can be spread all across the world. People just choose to believe what there comfortable with. To lazy to figure out on there own. The answers are in front of your face. Read between the lines, and try to under stand the messages while thinking outside the box and be open minded. Books are man-made and didn't just fall out of the sky. Not everything is what it seems. Why does your belief have to be truer than someone else’s beliefs? Compare and contrast your ideas, but learn from each other and understand you similarities and differences before you judge each other and decided to walk away from each other. You may be able to learn from each other if you learn to listen, watch, and pay attention to understand a misunderstanding that you thought couldn't be understood. Understand the facts of reason and hold off the opinions and ideals to the side. One answer can be told in many ways. And many things can be done or experienced to achieve a better life around u as well as becoming a better person from within. Some people believe anything if it sounds good; but from the outside looking in, it's not that easy to reveal when people make life feel like a thrill. Conquer your fears. Gain courage.

But if we compare present life to the past, it's all the same without man-made material things and the unnecessary nonsense; we would be able to see the bigger picture and break it down to smaller scenes so that we can try and understand better. As in people, we are actually present here on earth and easy to study. I observe and analyze body language on how they act towards something and how they react against different types of action. These actions are based on how you react to the cause and effect. There are different levels to the way we feel on how we act and react. We bandwagon feelings and we're not getting anywhere. Why are we against each other when we live here on earth together? This is it home for now, so let's make the best of it. Let’s have peace and do better as a team.

No matter what we believe, we still have to do the right things to become better as one. To do that u must learn "self" as in gaining self control mentally, physically, verbally, emotionally and spiritually. Being able understand yourself as well as someone else will lead you towards the rite direction towards god as we speak and be able to live together as one equally if done with a positive attitude that can benefit each other. Either way, god is always in the picture. Learn more about self because we all are apart of the same nature that we go through similar but different aspects of life. As well as the same thought but different visions of a possibility of living a better life and getting in touch with God, but we forget to get in touch with each other the right way without judging as if we are perfect. But u can judge in many ways. Just don't let your judgementality keep u from loving each other for who they are without trying to demand change if it isn't necessary. Get to know the person before u jump to conclusions and come to an understanding without demanding change of what u can't seem to understand of u or the other person. We all have our own lives to live. Judging leads to other misfits when u judge incorrectly. Half the time you can ask yourself, “Why does it matter? Does it have to be?” Does this change benefit us all or just an opinion for self gain? We need too get in touch with each other so that we can live amongst each other the right way. But which is the best way of living right. The positive way, that can benefit us all individually to become one as a group.

Don't worry about how people want to get in touch with God; unless they ask. Try not to become empowered by a belief. Use what you gain from a belief to gain power of self. Less confusion causes less bus(bullshit) without stress. Even when we die, the world is still here. How can we change and create better way of life for our future beings? . . . Sorry if any typos. But I'm speaking in general. I respect all religions that are positive. But the negativity that comes from it is mind control that you don't see. I see it as, do what I say and not as u please. I am pleased that you do what I say. If you don't do then u will be punished. To become mature and wise, u must reach levels of life and try to live as a responsible man/woman and evolve from just being a grown as kid build off of ignorance. It all starts from a young child. Learn as u go to come to an understanding and conquer reasoning to succeed. We are all here to learn because we all make mistakes. I wish us all the best for goodness sake. . . Hope u understand. I have a lot more to talk about. I guess this is just the beginning on how I see things. Seeing life as it is and less of what we believe and have faith in the messages and meanings of truth that is gained and see the vision fit what it is and not what u think. U weren't born in that time of era. So how do you know what is fully correct or not. There is more truth to gain when we come across his name. Become better at living because life isn't a game. True facts in between lies and opinions; for example: the government, religion, people, ECT trying to gain power and control over each other. Even though there's a wrong way, there's always the right way for something.

Words of Wisdom:

· Sometimes you got to be your own friend because sometimes the only person you can trust is yourself. Get to know yourself before you get to know others.

· If your following someone else’s footsteps, make sure you know where you are going or where its leading you because once you get to where you are going; it may not be where you want to be.

· We all make stupid mistakes in life, but have you ever heard of a smart mistake? Hell no, so you look back and realize that it was a dumb move. So learn from your mistakes and turn them into smart moves. Never make the same mistake unless you a dummy. You can learn a lot from a dummy. Never make a mistake that someone else made. Try something different, but be smart about it.

· Your brain is like a storage box. You just got to remember what you store.

· We have god like hearts but we are devilish minded. That’s why the heart is stronger than the brain. You can be brain dead and still living, but you can’t live without the heart if it stops pumping.

· Anyone can be negative, but can you be positive?

· Life gets more real as you get older. When you are younger, you fantasies on what life could be like; but even when you get older, you look at life hoping for the best.

· Yesterday is the beginning of tomorrow. What you do in the past will effect your future, but today is a new beginning of a new life.

· I can't know everything so you are the judge. The bible is not the answer 2 life which is because there are many answers to 1 question. The bible is just another puzzle piece 2 a bigger picture. We still have a lot more to truth to learn and knowledge to gain. A weak mind will believe anything but a strong mind will find the truth 2 a belief that no 1 else haven’t thought of b4. Upgrade your mind because a lot can be possible if u put your mind 2 it.

· Think twice before making a choice you’ll regret because that second thought can save time from mistakes that could have been prevented from the start but people got to learn some kind of way.

· Life is like an obstacle course. You just got to learn how to get through it. You go through ups and downs and you learn right from wrong and wrong from right. There's always something in your way and u got to figure out how 2 get around it.

· Don’t tell me what you think and believe. Tell me what you know and give me facts. Comment but keep your opinions to your self. Not trying to hear it. We may not think the same way but if you explain your self so I can have a better understanding then go for it. Open minded and ready to listen. But be prepared for feedback.

· Don’t get overwhelmed by emotions. It can confuse u. Try to understand your emotions. Because sometimes what u feels is because of a misunderstanding that u can’t seem to figure out. Don’t let your feelings get to u if it aunt worth it. It can sometimes be a weakness to where u have to find the strength to overcome it.

· Using knowledge to get through. Not letting out take over my life. I am in control of the knowledge that is being gained. Digging deeper for errors. Thinking ahead for fewer mistakes. Using the knowledge to my advantage to gain more as I go. Using past knowledge to gain better knowledge for future knowledge. Upgrading my mind body and soul and growing and upgrading with life. Not living in the past. Not moving to fast. Living life like td is my last.

· Consider yourself an individual but equal as a human being. Don’t let anyone or anything control who you are. Be yourself and stay true. Love yourself because who else will when no one does.

· A way to a woman’s heart is by understanding her feelings and being able to get her to understand yours. ECT. But everything thing else falls into place.

· If u going to believe in someone, don’t forget to believe in yourself and not be a follower. Think it out and think ahead. Follow your intuition and go for it. Everyone makes mistakes buy learn from them. You’re not perfect. Only human.

· The best thing to do in a relationship is to have self control physically, mentally, emotionally, verbally, and sexually. Understand yourself and the person your with. Communication from the mind and body is the key.


Peace, this it's Chuck. Here's my writing on how I see life. I wrote "Puzzle of Life" in 2009 but it's not completely finished with.  Everyone has they own perception on how they see life, so even if you agree or disagree with what I'm saying, please hit the ❤️ after reading. Share my link with others if cool with you. Looking to share all over. Thanks.

Gratuity appreciate for growth.


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