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  • Published July 18, 2009
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If you own a computer you probably have done just about everything you possibly can to make it safe from malicious code and hackers. Unfortunately you’ve probably not done enough. Hackers and spammers are consistently coming up with new ways to get into your computer system and there are a variety of programs every computer owner should have on their system. One of those programs is a free spam blocker. If you can,get a free spam blocker in a bundle package with your anti-virus software and firewall or as a stand alone product.

Hackers and spammers will use every available method they have in their arsenal to get into your computer system, so it is very important to have a free spam blocker on your system in addition to your other programs. A free spam blocker will help protect your computer systems from viruses that can sneak onto your computer through your e-mail. Quite often viruses will be attached to your e-mails without you ever knowing they are there, so using a free spam blocker is highly advisable. A free spam blocker will stop the e-mail from ever reaching your inbox, and this will help keep spammers and hackers accessing or harming your system.

In addition to a free spam blocker on your e-mail you need to have a good, reliable virus protection software on your system. You would be surprised how viruses are transmitted. You could get a virus from simply downloading a codec for a flash player in order to watch a favorite television show on your laptop. There is plenty of free virus software programs out there for you to use that include free spam blockers in addition to pay software that you can buy. Both have their pros and cons, but they all work the same way to protect your computer.

A firewall is another way to protect your computer from hacking and spamming attempts. It blocks illegal access to your computer as well as suspicious data. A free spam blocker can stop the e-mails from infecting your computer. A firewall stops anyone from getting onto your computer via a back door and when used with a free spam blocker stops almost all of the threats to your computer dead in their cyber tracks.

And finally, a good spyware program should be added to your virus protection, firewall, and free spam blocker. These are programs that collect information about your computer and surfing habits and when used by hackers, provide them with your e-mail address that they can send spam mail to. If you have a free spam blocker in place, you’ll never get those malicious e-mails.

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