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  • Author Kelvin Wilson
  • Published January 18, 2010
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When you navigate online, there are many pop up windows that open suddenly, interrupting your activity.

However, you can regain control of your inbox by downloading and installing a spam filter service, or you can use the one that is already available from your electronic message host, should they provide one to you.

Human beings can easily read that text from its image but for an automated spam program it is almost impossible to extract text unless it uses good quality OCR (optical character reader) software.

With a filter, your mails will get organized in spam and not-spam categories. The PC user has to delete or answer the mails manually afterwards.

Every time you give your email to some suspicious source use only the temporary email and never give your personal email to anyone whom you cannot trust. You can open any number of disposal email accounts with any of the providers, it's completely free and are totally safe.

It is a piece of software that identifies and isolates such email. It can be programmed in such a way that instead of inbox, all such emails are thrashed into a spam folder from where you can delete them after confirming they are spam.

The present version of the Exchange spam blocker is capable of stopping spam in the tracks, allowing for good business development.

Make sure to have an updated and quality Antivirus and Antisoftware installed onto your PC. If you do want to install the screensaver, make sure to have it checked against the antivirus and Antisoftware first.

Detecting spam is now possible on the basis of the sender's ID, the keywords specific to spamming and several other criteria integrated in the technology.

These bots intend to post advertising messages without manual control. Tools like Xrumer are dedicated for this purpose.

The best spam blocker for an individual PC user is one that works in perfect compatibility with the computer system and the mail server. This is a very good tip to consider when shopping for an anti-spam tool.

Never ever display your primary email address on any website that is accessible publicly. If you receive any email from any unknown source never respond to them.

There are other concerns related to the spam filter tests and these represent the evaluation of anti-spam programs from the perspective of the user.

If you must disclose your email, either use a non-business personal account address or create a different account specifically for allowing communication on such sites.

When you avoid disclosing your real email address, the possibility of being targeted by spammers is lower. This is however not a reason to discard the use of an email filter, as anything can happen on the Internet in terms of email access.

An organization or business may also want to standardize their email address format in a way that makes it harder for spammers to guess or discover legitimate email addresses.

Best way to protect yourself from spamming is to keep your email personal and share it only with the people you can trust.

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