Sales Negotiation Skills: 3 Crucial Sales Negotiation Skills That Could Explode Your Income


  • Author Michael Lee
  • Published August 23, 2009
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To be a good salesperson or marketer, you will need to master different sales negotiation skills. These skills serve as your weapons against other negotiators and difficult customers. You’ll need them to land today’s sales and ensure future ones as well.

As long as you have good sales negotiation skills, you’ll be able to meet your daily quota. Having such abilities can also come in handy in different situations as well. Here are some of those important skills and how you can develop them.

Sales Negotiation Skills # 1: Building Rapport

This means getting your clients to trust you and feel more at ease with you. I cannot tell you the number of times customers often choose good sales negotiators over good prices.

A person of an unpleasant countenance with a good-priced product is no match for a person of nice manners with a slightly-more-expensive product. If the client can afford the slightly-more-pleasant product, they will buy that instead.

So how do you develop this skill? Copy the actions and words of your counterpart. If they use their hands when speaking, do the same. If they use the words "gorgeous" or "awesome" often, include those words when you’re talking to them. However, do this tactic subtly, where they won’t notice that you’re intentionally doing such actions.

This is very powerful because you’re subconsciously implying that you’re very much like them; and as you probably already know, people tend to trust and like those who are similar to them in some ways.

Sales Negotiation Skills # 2: Knowing How To Say "No"

Sometimes, you can say, "Let me ask my supervisor," or "I’ll see what I can do" to give clients the impression that you’re doing your best to meet their demands. However, it’s also important to note that some instances require you to say "no" outright.

When you know that their request will be impossible to grant, don’t dilly dally any longer. Don’t waste your time and your client’s time if you’re absolutely certain that their request will not be allowed.

Quite surprisingly, many people find it difficult to say "no" to others. To strengthen your resolve, you’re going to have to think through all your decisions before saying "yes" to all of them. This way, the word won’t feel too alien on your tongue.

To avoid any hard feelings, make it look like saying "no" was a matter of circumstance, not of choice. They will then associate the rejection on the situation, and not on you or your product.

Sales Negotiation Skills # 3: Being a Good Listener.

Even if you think you’ve heard it a million times, listen like this is the first time you’re hearing it. Being a good listener shows that you respect your clients. It will also give you valuable hints on what your customer is looking for.

To develop your listening skills, I suggest clearing your mind of any other thoughts and maintaining eye contact so you can focus solely on the person talking.

Everyone can do better with these sales negotiation skills. So even if you’re not in the industry, I suggest you adopt these skills to help you overcome some of your weaknesses.

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