Know How to Hold on to the Essence of Negotiating


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  • Published March 4, 2010
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Mastering clear negotiation requires the sales professional to own a transparent understanding of the client, matters and themselves in the least times. Unfortunately not all of your customers will return from a footing of integrity or from a desire to seek out a mutually beneficial solution in the negotiation. They appear to be in the game simply to save money and that they can be ruthless in the pursuit even if they need to resort to manipulation by using underhanded ploys and tactics.

Avoid losing the essence of the negotiation method; be aware of the negotiation ploys, tricks and techniques that some of your customers may be using.

Good cop/Bad Cop: Don’t fall into the entice of operating with the Good Cop and not the Bad Cop; confidently raise open-ended queries to the get the negotiation under control.

Higher Authority: Remove the chance for this ploy to be used. Check you have got started your negotiation with the senior decision maker. Ask, "Who additionally to yourself is concerned in creating the ultimate call?"

Last and Final Offer: Is it price they are wanting for or the simplest overall solution? Focus back on what sets you aside from the rest. Raise "Alternative than the value happening what else can influence your buying call?"

Nibbles: Don’t create any concessions, if you concede as you're concerning to steer out the door your credibility is damaged. If you nibble back the negotiation is back to square one.

Crunch: Check for commitment. Don’t provide up one thing till you have their commitment. Don’t provide too much away, you will loose the deal.

Humble and Helpless: Don’t be fooled - they are simply enjoying on your sympathy. You'll never be on equal terms in the relationship if you fall for this one.

Straw Man: Avoid creating concessions or inventing a few freebies to administer away. Realize out what their goals and objectives are and why - it can enable you to determine through any false or "straw" issues.

Cherry-picking: They may take bits and pieces from your proposal and tell you your competitor has worth -adds to form your proposal look inferior. Ask them who offered this outstanding deal. Specify the terms at the beginning - this proposal is predicated on acceptance of the entire offer.

Telephone Deals: When asked for your best price during a hurried telephone call give yourself a buffer - "Before I will do this, let me ask you a number of questions so I can see what your desires are, then after I quote you, it will be more acceptable for you.

The true essence of sales negotiation is understanding that selling is about an exchange of worth between individuals and organizations. Hold on to the essence of clear negotiations, add worth and place integrity into your negotiations. Be positive, be proud and be principled in all that you do and there can be no limit to your success.

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William Mitchell
William Mitchell · 14 years ago
Excellent article that can make a huge difference in one's starting salary. Fine-tuned negotiating skills are great to have in many situations and the "Higher Authority" strategy was my favorite part. I plan to use this for my next newsletter.